Amarra Play

Mobile High Resolution Music for Apple iOS

Amarra Play brings you the tools to get the music you love right at your fingertips. Play your Apple Music and FLAC files and choose from powerful EQ presets and pick what sounds best to you! Upgrade with in-app purchase to add direct access to your TIDAL and Qobuz accounts and get full Amarra EQ and MQA decoding.

And when you want to relax at home, use Amarra Play as a remote for Amarra Luxe and Amarra sQ+ to sit back and enjoy your music.

Amarra Play

High Resolution Music Playback

Don’t let your iPhone be a barrier to listening to great sounding music. Download the free version to play virtually all of your downloaded files, including FLAC. Unlock advanced features to get the most of your listening experience with in-app purchase.

The free version brings you features such as:

  • Access local iOS Apple Music tracks or download files from your computer including FLAC
  • Support up to 96 kHz*
  • Advertisement free
  • EQ with 6 presets for Apple EarPods, Rock and more!
  • Full remote control for Amarra Luxe and Amarra sQ+

Amp up your music with these in-app purchases:

  • Direct Access to Qobuz and TIDAL
  • MQA decoding up to 96 kHz*
  • Professional 4-band Equalizer
    • Use 16 EQ presets optimized for popular genres and hardware
    • Customize playback with adjustable Frequency, Boost, and Q

*With appropriate hardware

Master Quality Authenticated


MQA is an award-winning British technology that delivers the sound of the original master recording. Master MQA files are fully authenticated and is small enough to stream or download, while also being backward compatible so you can play MQA music on any device

MQA decoding for Amarra Play is an in-app purchase

• MQA decoding for local files and TIDAL Masters
• Upsampling up to 96 kHz*
• Passthrough MQA to downstream MQA-enabled devices via lightning connector

Utilize MQA decoding for automobiles, headphones or connect to MQA capable audio DACs

• Meridian Explorer
• AudioQuest DragonFly: Red, Black & Cobalt
• Mytek Brooklyn and Manhattan and many more

Streaming and Offline Playback

Download your music library to your mobile device for offline playback or stream music from your Amarra library including TIDAL and Qobuz.

• Stream music from your Amarra Luxe Library, TIDAL* or Qobuz* for superior sound through your mobile device.
• Download virtually your entire local library to your mobile device for offline playback.
• Improved sound for your local Apple Music library.
• MQA decoding to 96kHz*
• Customizable EQ*

*Requires in-app purchase


Amarra Play has the following minimum requirements:

  • iOS 10 or later
  • iPhone 6 or later recommended
  • iPad OS 13 or later