URGENT: macOS Big Sur Update for Amarra Products

May 15, 2021:

After further testing of Amarra Luxe and Amarra SQ+ in the current version of Big Sur v11.3.1, we have the following updated information available.

  • Amarra Luxe is functioning correctly on Big Sur on both Intel and M1 hardware
  • Amarra sQ+ is not currently support on Mac M1 hardware
  • Amarra sQ+ is supported on Mac Intel hardware, Big Sur OS however there have been reports of issues loading SonicStream. This is under investigation and we hope to have a resolution shortly.
  • The visual display of the EQ in Amarra Luxe and Amarra SQ+ is not correct however the EQ itself is working.

More information will be posted as it becomes available and if you have any questions, please contact us at sales@sonicstudio.com.

macOS Catalina Update for Amarra Products

November 12, 2019:

Apple announced yesterday that the next version of the Mac Operating System, Catalina, will be released in October, 2019. We are currently in process of testing both Amarra Luxe and Amarra sQ+ for compatibility with MacOS Catalina and will have more information available shortly. Based on past experience, it’s recommended to not update to Catalina immediately to let any initial issues be resolved.

More information will be posted as it becomes available and if you have any questions, please contact us at sales@sonicstudio.com.

Amarra Luxe Scores BIG on List of Best Windows Music Players for Hi-Res Audio​

July 23, 2019:

Sonic Studio is proud to announce that Amarra Luxe was just ranked #2 on the list of the 7 best Windows Music Players for Hi-Res Audio from MakeUseOf.com.

Amarra Luxe, now available for just $59, provides the perfect solution for local playback, streaming from TIDAL and Qobuz, and when used with Amarra Play provides a perfect solution for listening on the move. Amarra Play is also on sale, visit the iOS App store to take advantage of the $6.99 price.

The article notes, ‘If you want to control all your music with one app, no matter where that music is, this may be what you’re looking for.’ We couldn’t agree more. See the full review here.

Amarra Play for iOS brings EQ and MQA decoding as in-app purchase​


Sonic Studio is pleased to announce the latest upgrade of Amarra Play, our iOS High Resolution Music Player!

With the free download of Amarra Play 1.6, you’ll have to the tools to get the music you want to listen to right at your fingertips. Choose from 6 EQ presets and pick what sounds best to you! And when you want to relax at home, use Amarra Play as a remote for Amarra Luxe and Amarra sQ+ to sit back and enjoy your music.

Free features include:

  • FLAC decoding with support up to 96 kHz
  • Access local iOS Apple Music tracks
  • Use iTunes to download music from your computer including FLAC files
  • Ad free
In-App Purchase brings advanced features:
  • MQA decoding up to 96 kHz
  • Noise Reduction, Full Dither Control, and more (coming soon)
  • Professional 4-Band Equalizer
    • Customize the EQ settings to your tastes
    • Parametric, Lo/Hi Pass, Lo/Hi Shelving
    • Adjustable width (Q factor)

Learn more about Amarra Play here!

Amarra Luxe 4.3 Release
brings Qobuz high resolution streaming and many improvements

December 21, 2018:

Amarra Luxe now includes Qobuz’s music streaming service as part of our 4.3 release.

  • High resolution streaming
  • An impressive catalog of CD quality and Hi-Res audio for streaming and downloads.
  • Purchase and play offline.
Take advantage of this opportunity to experience Qobuz through Amarra Luxe. 

Coming soon is nugs.net and its’ large collection of live music concerts, many in MQA.

  • High resolution MQA streaming
  • iOS and Android apps for mobile offline playback with MQA Decoding
  • Listen to bands like Bruce Springsteen, Grateful Dead, Metallica, and much much more.

New Amarra sQ+ 2.5 offers full 64 Bit compatibility​

August 23, 2018:

You may be listening to your music, but are you really hearing it? Hear what our users have to say about Amarra sQ+ and how it has revolutionized how they listen to their favorite music.

    • “The improvement in sound quality is easily discernible. Great software!!” – D.R.
    • “Love Amarra sQ+, Now, I don’t listen to my TIDAL streaming music without SQ+” – P.L.
    • “Amarra sQ+ is brilliant. The more I use it, the more I appreciate the software. It’s changed how I listen to music in my home much for the better. P.S.

Amarra 2.5 provides full 64 Bit compatibility (for upcoming OS X release), feature enhancements include support for latest Amarra Play iOS Remote, performance and bug fixes.
Get your copy of Amarra sQ++ just $49!
Upgrade from Amarra sQ+ 2.3 for $9.99 and from Amarra sQ for $39.99.

Let Amarra sQ+ improve your streaming!​

April 25, 2018:

If you use Spotify, Apple Music, Beats Music, watch netflix or use Skype for voice calls or any other audio than Amarra sQ+ will make them sound better.